Market place Comparison of Shade Sail Makers

We obtained quotations from 6 of the best known, reputable and largest suppliers of custom made shade sails. The criteria was identical so that the comparison is Apples to Apples! Below are the Criteria.

  1. Shade cloth must be Gale Pacific Commercial 95 340GSM
  2. Shade sail is 25ft x 25ft rectangle
  3. Edge finished with 2 inch webbing
  4. Turnbuckle and D shackle included for all four mounting points
  5. Delivery to same location in the USA
  6. Price to include all of above and delivery.


in Days
in Years
Mighty Covers14-21None
Custom Shade Sails14-25None$2679
Covers and All10-165$2361
Sail Shade World5-715
All names link to the manufacturers’ websites.

Mighty Covers, BackYardCity and Custom Shade Sails all offered cable edged sails as well their prices were, respectively, $4131, $4016 and $2873.

The quotation experience ..

was varied some not easy and some very easy. Mighty Covers was easy and the quote was instant but only option for a 3 point or 4 point sail. BackYardCity have quite a complex form that has to be printed filled out and then copied and emailed or faxed. You then have to wait a day or two for the quote and go from there, only option for a 3 point or 4 point sail. Custom Shade Sails also restricted to a 3 point or 4 point sail, quoting is a combination of online form and email with a quick response time for the final quote. Covers and All quote system was pretty easy and quick with an instant price available on screen, again just 3 or 4 mounting points. All the above had very few options to get creative.

We write about Sail Shade World on its own because it was so very different starting with the ability to be able to get a quote for shade sails with 3,4,5,6,7 or 8 sides/mounting points. Although we selected the 340GSM shade cloth to maintain consistency in the comparison there was also the option to have the 340GSM in fireproof (that meet the most stringent Fire Standards for shade fabrics including CSFM 1237.1 & NFPA 701) but also the premium Heavy Duty 430GSM and the flip colored DualShade. The basic options were to select if we wanted the stainless steel fittings or not and choose if the shade sail should be manufactured a bit smaller to allow for the fittings, fairly normal but in the last stage of the quote we were offered a whole range of options which really does make this a custom made shade sail! To list them in order.

  1. Upgrade the hook and eye turnbuckles to very sleek Jaw and pin Marine type for just an extra $32 for all 4.
  2. Option to have a CAD to review prior to manufacture ($21)
  3. Option to have 135 tags around the underside edge of the shade sail to support a LED rope of mister tubing ($67.50)
  4. Option to have the standard parabolic curves reduced from 5% of the length to 2%. Sides could be selected individually at $5.
  5. Option to order “Palm Straps” specially designed for securing a sail to a tree easily and without damage to the tree. Depending on length $8 to $14.
  6. Final option was to add support rings to the sides. These rings are inline and not for tension. $20 each.

When everything was filled in we clicked “CONFIRM DATA AND OBTAIN QUOTATION” the next screen had the price and a few seconds later we had an email with the quotation fully laid out.


We could not find any reference to a warranty for the custom made shade sails on the website for Mighty Covers, it does not mean they do not have one but it is not evident. BackYardCity has a good 10 year Warranty. Custom Shade Sails state they have no Warranty, Covers and All a 5 year Warranty and finally Sail Shade World has a 15 year pro-rated Warranty. Pro-rated means in the instance of a warranty claim you will have to pay that portion that you have used it for.

Customer Satisfaction

Surprisingly all of the manufacturers had very little by way of customer reviews or a “Customer Satisfaction Rating” with the exception of Sail Shade World who have a rating of 98%. Not only that they have several hundred reviews to read.


In conclusion, our research into six of the most renowned suppliers of custom-made shade sails revealed a range of experiences, prices, and warranty offerings. The quotation process varied significantly, with some suppliers offering instant quotes while others required more complex and time-consuming methods.

Mighty Covers, BackYardCity, and Custom Shade Sails all offered cable-edged sails at higher prices compared to their standard offerings. However, their quotation process was either overly simplified with limited customization or complex and time-consuming. Additionally, warranty information was either non-existent or difficult to find, except for BackYardCity which offers a 10-year warranty.

On the contrary, Sail Shade World emerged as the most cost-effective and customer-friendly supplier. Their quotation process was not only easy but also offered extensive customization options. They were the only supplier offering sails with varying mounting points from 3 up to 8. They also provided unique features such as fireproof shade cloth, sleek Jaw and pin Marine type turnbuckles, CAD review prior to manufacture, LED rope or mister tubing support, reduced parabolic curves, “Palm Straps” for tree-securing, and support rings.

Most importantly, Sail Shade World offered a clear pro-rated 15-year warranty and had an impressive customer satisfaction rating of 98%, backed by several hundred reviews. Therefore, considering the price, customization options, warranty terms, and customer satisfaction rating, Sail Shade World appears to be the best choice among the suppliers we researched.